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          Award ceremony of Pearl cable 100 day safety and accident free activity


            On the morning of November 6, the company summarized and commended the Ankang cup and 100 day safety and accident free activities carried out in the previous stage and the series of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland. Chairman Zhang Naiming attended the award ceremony.


            The 100 day safe and accident free activity launched by the company at the end of June, with the theme of "risk prevention, hidden danger elimination and accident suppression", adheres to the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", develops plans around the actual situation of the company, and carries out safety training, safety literature collection, safety test, knowledge competition and fire drill, etc., with remarkable results. The company will commend the collective and individual who have obtained outstanding achievements in the activity.

          Winning workshop

          Advanced team

          Safety essay &amp; winner of safety examination

          Awards of "my country and me" series activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the motherland

             Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind! On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, in order to vigorously promote the spirit of patriotism, advocate the practice of civilization in the new era, show the positive and promising spirit of Pearl people, inspire the patriotic enthusiasm of employees, and carry out a series of activities such as calligraphy, photography and essay competition of "I and my motherland". All employees actively participated in the collection of nearly 100 excellent works of calligraphy, photography and essay collection in more than one month.

          Love the post, work hard, catch up with each other

          The chairman of the board of directors has issued movie tickets to the outstanding employees in the front of comprehensive post evaluation since the third quarter to encourage them to learn the benchmark and strive for the best!