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          Super China holding skills competition pearl craftsman show



            On November 26, the 8th post skill competition of CSL ended perfectly. There are 8 events in this skill competition. More than 20 contestants from Pearl cable were selected to participate in the competition. Through intense competition, 13 contestants from Pearl cable won the prize. Copper wire drawing, insulation extrusion and DC motor speed regulation won the first prize, while other projects won the second and third prizes respectively.

          First prize: Zhang Yong (brushed)

                        Sheng Limin (electrician)

                        Shen Yanqing (extrusion)

          Second prize: Xue Peng (extrusion)

                      Lu Liang (cable)

                        Dai Jianchun (Chengdu cable)

                        Yang Xiangqing (forklift)

          Third prize: Li Hongbing (brushed)

                      Zhen Shanhong (strand)

                        Xu Juliang (strand)

                  Jiang Wenxue

                           Li Zhongyi (hot extension)

                   Xu Xianghua (Mechanic)

                        Xu Haihong (forklift)


            The achievement of good performance comes from the company's consistent emphasis on quality management and skill operation, and the accumulation of multi-party training and skill training for front-line employees. In September, the company launched a quality improvement activity with the theme of "one time to do well, one time to do right, I am the first person responsible for quality", which further set off a good atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, helping and Surpassing". Through internal communication and learning, the contestants finally achieved excellent results.

            Pearl keeps up with the group's high-quality development theme, takes the spirit of craftsman as the direction, the example as the driving force, cultivates quality culture, deepens innovation potential, creates excellent pearl quality with wisdom and sweat, and always practices "we are the strivers of the times, we are the dreamers of the Pearl"!