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          Don't forget the original heart, remember the mission and love China


            On October 30, the Party branch and the League branch of Pearl cable organized more than 30 members of the company, the league members and members of the reading club to carry out the theme education activity of "never forget your original mind and remember your mission". This learning and education activity aims to inspire the young generation to keep their original mind, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, gather national strength, inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit and love for the country by remembering and honoring the martyrs, watching the works of the older generation of artists and watching the movie "my motherland and I" and other series of activities.

          Visit Qian Songhuang Memorial Hall


            Under the leadership of Shi Shiping, vice principal of Guanlin Experimental Primary School in Yixing City, we all laid flowers and bowed in front of the martyrs' Mausoleum, and visited the memorial hall of Lin Xinping and Shi Yanfen revolutionary martyrs. We listen to the deeds of the martyrs, review the revolutionary process, and accept the baptism of thoughts and souls.

          Watching movie "my country and I"

          Visit agricultural science and Technology Park

              Chairman Mao of the agricultural science and Technology Park showed us the practice base of civilization in the new era. Here, we have gained new agricultural knowledge, enjoyed dreamy and vivid rice field paintings, and felt the beautiful rural life in the new countryside.

          Carry out League building activities

              Team building expansion activity "Da Vinci Code" successfully tested the trust, team cooperation and innovation ability between teams. In the game, the team leaders of the two groups fully mobilize the players, stimulate the enthusiasm and promote the decision-making. From the initial decisive victory to the final win-win harmony, it embodies the wisdom of Pearl people and achieves common growth with trust, responsibility and tolerance.