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          The 7th post skill competition of Pearl cable closed


            On the afternoon of November 13, the closing ceremony of the 7th post skill competition of Pearl cable was held in the square of the office building. Chairman Zhang Naiming and general manager Liu Hongbin attended the event.

          This job skill competition involves 11 job items such as quality inspection, production operation, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, etc., which takes more than half a month before and after.

              The competition project leader and the referee make a comprehensive summary and comment on this competition, hoping that through this competition, we can start from the details, find our own shortcomings, standardize the operation requirements, and improve the quality awareness. We should take this as an opportunity to further strengthen special training, constantly improve the level of skills, so that pearl products have a stronger market competitiveness.

          Technical chief engineer Yu Jinhua's summary of the competition

          Executive vice president Feng yaocai comments

          Speech by Chen Peng, the representative of the winning Employee

          Yang Xiangqing, the representative of the winning Employee, made a speech

          Liu Hongbin, general manager, congratulated on the success of the competition!    

            President Liu thinks that this skill competition is well organized and highly participated by employees. It has played a good demonstration role through on-site observation and learning. A large number of skilled operators have emerged to guide all employees to love their posts and devote themselves to work, to keep pace with the advanced, and to create a good atmosphere of everyone competing for the first place. And I wish you all a brilliant future in the skills competition held by the group!

          Zhang Naiming, chairman of the board of directors, fully affirmed the achievements of this competition and highly praised the hard work spirit of the competitors. He said that this competition is a comprehensive review of the company's staff skills, an important opportunity to learn and improve high skilled, efficient and high-quality employees, and an important measure to comprehensively promote high-quality development. Through skill competition, we can fully establish and display a good image of the enterprise, guide the staff to enhance their ability and skills, promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, and make more contributions to the local economic construction.

            Zhang Dong put forward three requirements:

          1. We should vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen. Based on the post, find the right position, insist on learning, strive to improve the operation skills, create a profound atmosphere of respecting teachers and emphasizing education, and promote the great improvement of post skills and comprehensive quality through the form of teaching by words and deeds and apprenticeship.

          2. We should continue to develop the team spirit. We should continue to improve the team's joint efforts, cultivate highly skilled personnel, develop and innovate, and make every effort to solve production technology problems. Through various measures, build an elite team, integrate personal wisdom into team strength, and jointly create value for the enterprise.

          3. We should improve the quality awareness in an all-round way. We should establish the concept of "I am the first person responsible for quality responsibility", form a big quality concept, start from the source, form a good habit of quality awareness, create a quality culture atmosphere, be responsible, and become the striver of the times and the dreamer of the Pearl.