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          Mingzhu branch organizes party members to attend party classes and carry out voluntary labor


            On November 5, the Party branch organized all Party members, development targets and activists to carry out theme education activities during the lunch break. Liu Meijuan, Secretary of the Party branch, took the theme of "never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind", and gave a vivid party lesson to all Party members in terms of what is the original mind and mission, why not forget the original mind, how to keep the mission in mind and how to make contributions based on the post. She asked all the party members to be bold enough to brighten up the status of the party members, dare to shoulder the responsibilities and assume the role of the pioneers, give full play to the progressiveness of the Communists, strengthen the "four confidence", and enhance the "Four Consciousnesses", so as to make their due contributions to the development and growth of the enterprises.

            At the end of the party class, secretary Liu led everyone to the miscellaneous grassland in the plant area. Use spades and rakes to remove stones, weeds and plastic debris and plant rape. Let all the party members claim this love vegetable field, water and cultivate it regularly, and provide it to the staff after the harvest next year.


            In the activity, Party members and Jizi pursued each other with high enthusiasm, all of them were sweating, dirty clothes and shoes, some of them even worn their fingers, all of which showed their spirit of not afraid of suffering, not afraid of dirty and not afraid of tiredness. In a short time, a piece of wasteland became a green garden.