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          Same frequency, resonance, same heart and same industry -- China Super holding administrative line work exchange meeting held in Pearl cable


              On the afternoon of August 30, the second administrative line work exchange meeting of China Super holdings was held in Mingzhu cable, attended by Zhang Naiming, general manager and chairman of Mingzhu cable, Li Zhen, assistant to general manager and chairman of Mingzhu cable, and Liu Meijuan, administrative director, Party branch secretary and labor union chairman of Mingzhu cable. The meeting was attended by the heads of administrative business management, human resources, board of directors office and administrative human resources departments of each subsidiary.

          [▲ before the meeting, Minister Lu Yali of Pearl cable administration and business management department led you to visit the company's production workshop and intelligent exhibition hall]

          At the symposium, the administrative heads of the subsidiaries exchanged and summarized the previous work. Lu Yali, director of the administration and business management department of pearl company, and Yu Qing, deputy director of the human resources department, respectively reported on the highlights and difficulties in their work.

          At the symposium, the holding company commended the excellent materials submission and enterprise publicity work of its subsidiaries. Pearl cable is among the best in both works and is honored.

          Liu Meijuan expressed her honor to hold this meeting in pearl company, thanked holding company for providing an interactive platform for exchange, learning and interaction for the heads of administrative lines of subsidiaries, and thanked holding company for its affirmation of the previous administrative management work of pearl company. Through this meeting, the administrative work of pearl will also be greatly improved. In the future, pearl will also continue to strengthen communication and exchanges with members of the extended family to further improve the quality and efficiency of its work.

          Li Zhen pointed out in the comment meeting that this activity is rich in content and each subsidiary's work summary report has its own highlights. Through face-to-face communication, we can learn from each other's strengths and make up for their weaknesses, with obvious effect. It also puts forward new requirements for the future administrative management of each subsidiary: special emphasis shall be placed on the principle of adhering to the dual leadership of the company, the group and the holding company, and the parent company shall be given priority; it is required to establish the same frequency resonance, strengthen the consciousness of "holding a game of chess", and lead other lines to carry out together with the diffusion of administrative lines; it is necessary to build merit based on the post, understand the particularity of its own post, and plan ahead of time, We should not only adhere to the principles, but also pay attention to the strategies; we should have firm ideals and beliefs, strengthen our own learning, improve political literacy, maintain integrity and self-discipline, and strive to be a leader in the high-quality development of CSL.

          Zhang Naiming, chairman of the board of directors, made an important speech at the meeting. He fully affirmed the contribution made by the participants to the overall healthy and sustainable development of the company in the previous stage. He pointed out that in the future work, the administrative line should focus on propaganda and ideological work, take the lead in practicing and educating, guiding and disseminating positive energy, innovate propaganda and improve the spirit of employees. Strengthen the system construction, check the omissions and make up the deficiencies, and supervise the implementation. The administrative department of the parent company shall play a coordinating role, guide and help the administrative department of each subsidiary to improve work efficiency. The person in charge of administrative and business management shall strengthen their own learning, and the administrative and business management departments of each company shall strive to be the company's model and model. For the company to achieve high-quality development goals and strive!