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          Grasp safety first aid knowledge, care for employees' life and health


          ——The company organizes and carries out safety knowledge training, emergency escape drill and other activities

          In order to carry forward the idea of "preventing risks, removing hidden dangers and preventing accidents", enhance the safety awareness of all employees and the ability of escape and self rescue, and effectively prevent and contain accidents. On the afternoon of August 26, the company organized the 2019 "Ankang Cup" and "one hundred day safety activity safety knowledge training and emergency escape drill activity, specially invited President Guo of Guanlin hospital and medical staff to do first aid knowledge training, and more than 80 people of the company participated in the activity.

          Liu Meijuan, chairman of Mingzhu labor union, expressed thanks for the great support of Guanlin hospital and the high attention paid by the company leaders to this activity. I hope you can learn about safety knowledge and first aid skills through this activity, form a working atmosphere in which everyone learns about safety and everyone talks about safety, and promote the safety production of the company to a new level.

          Guo, President of Guanlin hospital, explained the first aid measures for heatstroke, burn and electric injury on the spot, and introduced the knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in detail through simulated practice and hand-to-hand guidance.

          Zhou Yueliang, director of safety supervision department, and Shi Mengfei, safety administrator, introduced common smashing injuries, scalds and precautions during escape, and organized escape drills.

          Finally, Lu Zhou, deputy general manager in charge, commented on the activity, which is rich in content, orderly and practical. In the future, the company will continue to carry out safety knowledge learning, improve emergency rescue management, and protect the life safety of each employee.