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          Day line, the gentleman with unyielding; Of topography, the gentleman to hold world with virtue.

          Pearl cable since founded in 1997, always adhere to go the way of science and technology enterprise, deep tillage pearl culture of quality, strive to build "pearl" brand, has now developed into a research and development of wire and cable, design, manufacture, marketing and service as one of the integrated cable enterprises, comprehensive competitiveness among top 100 China cable industry.

          Pearl today, carrying twenty years fighting the storm of the course, carrying all the staff of the entrepreneurial passion, more carries the governments at all levels, friends from all walks of life, and the majority of customers trust and support. All the pearl will be adhering to the "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, trust, loyalty, filial piety, sections, yong" of "the pearl of nine words addressed to", using the advanced concept, perfect system, fine management to promote enterprise green management and sustainable development, in order to "do the pillar of the cable industry" as the vision, toward the goal of creating the first class cable enterprise struggle!

          We also sincerely invite more friends both at home and abroad to become partners, we will use all the heart, for customers to provide quality products and high quality service, create a higher value for society, for each "pearl" structures, realize their own value and ideal platform, to achieve the great dream of the "pearl" in one hundred continue to contribute.

          Do age striver, pearl dream weavers, pearl look forward to working with you hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow!